General Questions

1. How do I get a sample?

To receive a 50% sample discount, individual samples must be ordered in writing.  Please submit a request on our Contact Us page and we will contact you via email.  Otherwise, you can always purchase individual pieces through our cart selection.

2. Are corner designs available?

Corner decos are available for many of our listellos.  Please submit an inquiry on our Contact Us page for more information on sizes and availability.  Prices are generally the same as any of our decos, depending on size.

3. Can I have a square deco formatted on a diagonal?

Many U.S. Custom Tile designs can be formatted from horizontal to diagonal.  However, there are some designs that will not work on the diagonal. Please submit an inquiry on our Contact Us page.  Prices are generally the same as any of our decos, depending on size.

4. May I supply the Stone, Ceramic, Porcelain or Glass?

Yes, you may provide materials of your own selection to us for processing.  Please select the “Customer Supplied Material” button when ordering or submit an inquiry on our Contact Us page.

5. Will the depth of the cut always be the same?

All materials are different.  Granite, marble, porcelain, and glass are very hard.  Slates, travertine, and limestone are not and often have voids.  Because the engraving process is done by hand and due to differences in density from one tile to the next, the depth of the cut may vary slightly, depending on the material.

6. Will my order look exactly like the product images on your website or samples that I order?

The finished product will match the dimensions and design as illustrated or sampled.  It will, however, be subject to the variation that makes each material uniquely attractive.  When precise shading is critical to your order, please send materials of your own selection for processing.  We will not reimburse orders for shading issues.  To send your own material, Please select the “Customer Supplied Material” button when ordering or submit an inquiry to our Contact Us page.

7. Should the tile be Sealed?

Our product is an “as to form” product, meaning “it is what it is”.  Other than painting it when required, we are not changing it’s inherent makeup. We are not responsible for how you treat the tile once you receive it.  Because all materials are different, we suggest you consult an installation professional for the appropriate handling of materials.

8. What are the exact sizes of your tiles?

We cut our tile from 12x12s.  To get the maximum number of pieces from a 12×12, we cut our tiles slightly smaller that what is being asked for.  For example, a 4×12 piece will actually be 3 13/16″ x 12″.  We use the 13/16 dimension consistently across sizes.  Some 12×12 materials are created smaller than 12″x12″.  Slate 12x12s, for instance, are often smaller than granite 12″x12″s.  Why?  Your guess is as good as ours.  So, our tile sizes are nominal but consistent from piece to piece.  If you need to know the exact size of a piece, please contact us via email and we will be happy to let you know.

9. Can my tile be painted?

Yes, we can paint the etched areas of most tiles.  We don’t suggest the painting of slate.  You can see our paint choices on our “Customs” page.  Painting is considered “custom” so please submit an inquiry to our Contact Us page if you are interested in painted tile.

10. Can you make custom designs & sizes? What fonts do you have available for signs?

We can do custom designs and change sizes for existing designs.  We also have a number of different fonts available to choose from which can be found on our “Customs” page.  If you want us to create a custom design or make changes to an existing design, please submit an inquiry on our Contact Us page.  Custom design fees may apply and will be quoted there.

11. Can I cancel my order?

Because we want to get your order to you as quickly as possible, our custom orders begin the production process immediately after they are ordered. Because of this, we cannot allow an order cancellation.

12. Can I return my order?

Every order is custom made at time of order.  However, every once in a while, mistakes are made.  If the error occurred on our end or a piece arrived broken, we will take care of it.  Please do not discard packaging when tile is damaged.  We will need it to file a damage claim with UPS.  Other than damage or error, we will not accept returns for incorrectly ordered pieces, for coloration complaints, or for any other inherent characteristic of natural stone.  If you are at all concerned about the nature of natural materials, you are more than welcome to send us material of your own selection.

13. What is the usual production time for an order?

Most orders will be shipped out in 2 to 3 weeks from date of order confirmation. Availability of materials and quantities involved may affect production time.

14. How are orders shipped?

Orders ship via UPS Ground.  Contact Us if you need us to ship another way.

15. If I’m sending material for processing, what is the best way?

See our Shipping & Ordering Policies